About the Tourek Engraving Company

The Tourek Engraving Company had its humble beginning in 1917 just one block east of its current location in a tumbledown shack of a garage. Just a few short years later, the company founders, Joe and Frank Tourek, built the facility in which the company still operates today.

In 1973, at the age of 15, Tom Hanus joined the company as part time help with deliveries, sweeping floors and stocking the stockroom. Under the watchful eye of master engravers, brothers Frankie and Joey Tourek, at the age of eighteen, Tom became an engraving press operator.  Over the years he has excelled in the craft and has brought significant advances in technology and science to the business.  Tom has been earned many awards of recognition for the company including Best of Show at the International Engraved Graphics Association for his limited edition book entitled The Raven.

Now, after nearly 40 years with the company, the Tom and his wife, Mary Kay, continue to carry on the fine craftsmanship and quality for which the company has been known for almost a century. In addition, Tom is incorporating the best of the old world craftsmanship and the latest science and technologies to create limited edition genuine engraved prints reminiscent of artistic work created in centuries past.